Friday, September 18, 2009

Check it out!!!!

Hey everyone my FAVORITE blogger is having a givaway and I want ya'll to check it out, she its truly amazing and I know you all know her Eggface, check out what shes doing today and giving away shes amazing and a blessing to the WLS community!! heres her sight and check it out!!!

New Plan

The Injections plan is out and now I will be having "Brain Surgery" on 10-20-09 to cushion the nerves pressing on the arteries or whatever on my Brain,For the Trigeminal Neuralgia. Go Figure..Right couldn't be easy noooo hasta be something sooo major, but the neurosurgeon assured me that its like the gallbladder of neurosurgery...meaning "very routine" as far as Brain surgery being Routine. Sso I gues that made me feel better in a way. I just want to be pain free and get back to focusing on my WL. Which I have not been really able to do because I have been in so much dang pain, I'm gonna start lookin like a Sharpai soon seriously So thats my update, I have an MRI coming up in a week or two to check the blood flow and all that, so send all your prayers my way I can sure use them and pray for my kids they are just scared out of their mind. They try not to be and try to be brave but they are kids and well they dont understand. thank you friends I will keep you posted as I learn anything new, oh and pain meds are WAY over rated by the way!!!!