Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its Been A While

Looking Less FAT!! FINALLY!!
Well things have certinly been busy... I am working a lot and The kids are on summer break, we have been going to the river to see my inlaws every month since my mother inlaw was diagnosed with melanoma. But other than that When we are in town/Home we go to Church, enjoy our fellowship and really appreciate all the prayers and love they send to us daily. As for me I'm chugging along with my weight loss its slow but progressive...Annoyingly slow FOR SURE!!! but I really cant exercise my Blood sugar just drops like crazy so I think my max on the treadmill is 17 mins if im lucky. my eating is still very small portions I know I could eat better and I will I just have had a slip since we have been in and out of town but I need to be better diligent I KNOW this! so here is a recent pic at my daughters 13th birthday party! I will be a better poster from now on I promise!! miss you all mucho!