Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its Been A While

Looking Less FAT!! FINALLY!!
Well things have certinly been busy... I am working a lot and The kids are on summer break, we have been going to the river to see my inlaws every month since my mother inlaw was diagnosed with melanoma. But other than that When we are in town/Home we go to Church, enjoy our fellowship and really appreciate all the prayers and love they send to us daily. As for me I'm chugging along with my weight loss its slow but progressive...Annoyingly slow FOR SURE!!! but I really cant exercise my Blood sugar just drops like crazy so I think my max on the treadmill is 17 mins if im lucky. my eating is still very small portions I know I could eat better and I will I just have had a slip since we have been in and out of town but I need to be better diligent I KNOW this! so here is a recent pic at my daughters 13th birthday party! I will be a better poster from now on I promise!! miss you all mucho!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Picture Progress

Me at my Heaviest Not a very pretty sight :(

1 month post op

2 1/2 month post op

Not pretty, just woke up, no make up what do ya want??

Most recent mothers day camping trip to Lake Skinner!

Its been almost a year Since my RNY and I have to say it hasn't been horrible. I do have to say I wish I could exercise more... but due to low blood suger(my only issue) I really have no complaints its been a great year. I do have saggy skin and boobs that droop and my butt hangs but all in all im healthier, happier and I look a lot better than befor so here are some progression pics for you to see.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Check it out!!!!

Hey everyone my FAVORITE blogger is having a givaway and I want ya'll to check it out, she its truly amazing and I know you all know her Eggface, check out what shes doing today and giving away shes amazing and a blessing to the WLS community!! heres her sight www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.com and www.bbvitamins.com check it out!!!

New Plan

The Injections plan is out and now I will be having "Brain Surgery" on 10-20-09 to cushion the nerves pressing on the arteries or whatever on my Brain,For the Trigeminal Neuralgia. Go Figure..Right couldn't be easy noooo hasta be something sooo major, but the neurosurgeon assured me that its like the gallbladder of neurosurgery...meaning "very routine" as far as Brain surgery being Routine. Sso I gues that made me feel better in a way. I just want to be pain free and get back to focusing on my WL. Which I have not been really able to do because I have been in so much dang pain, I'm gonna start lookin like a Sharpai soon seriously So thats my update, I have an MRI coming up in a week or two to check the blood flow and all that, so send all your prayers my way I can sure use them and pray for my kids they are just scared out of their mind. They try not to be and try to be brave but they are kids and well they dont understand. thank you friends I will keep you posted as I learn anything new, oh and pain meds are WAY over rated by the way!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Neurosurgeon Appt

On wednesday I went and saw the neurosurgeon, he recommends Glycerol injections for my trigeminal neuralgia (OUCH)it's an inpatient procedure and it has to do with a needle being incerted into your Ganglion joint at the top of your jaw and then they incert the medication that lasts anywhere from 1-4 years, then after that it would be the surgery they drill into your skull, with a long recovery and I think I can wait on that one!!! I like my skull in one piece thank you! So now I meet with the new surgeon on friday (talk about BAM!)to schedule this procedure(UGH)So I'm hopeing to get it all done before I start my new job!!! Yes I got a job as a Medical Instructor at Everest College(YIPEEE.) So that is what is going on in my life I pray all is well with you my bloggies buddies!!! here is my new pic 3 months post op and 1 month post op

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where has the time GONE????

Well again it has been quite some time since I posted, this WLS thing really occupies a lot of your time as far as cooking, counting protein and just keeping up. I feel Good about the weight loss, I feel like crap about the trigeminal neuralgia I have been putting up with(UGGGHH)My birthday was yesterday and my DH took me and the kids out to Daphnes Greek restaurant, it was good I had 4 grilled shrimp that filled me for hours.....I don't think I have every been that satisfied for that long, it was weird. But then again this journey is weird. I never thought I'd weigh 54lbs less then I did back in May??? Needless to say I am learning every step of the way...Hoe to....Cook, shop, Buy groceries, shop and believe it or not there is a lot of emotional garbage that goes along with WLS. We did talk about this in our pre surgery class but I didn't realize the enormity of it then. Good thing I have a therapist!!!(LOL)I seem to have short term memory issues not sure why and not sure if this is a common issue with WLS? I 'll Have to ask my Dr. If I remember??? (LMAO) I have been reading this summer I think I have read at least 5 books and I just love reading, mostly Inspirational and self help books, and Books that inspire us to get closer to our Heavenly Father...I read at least 2 hrs a night. So that is what we have been up to and how the weight loss is going. Now we are just getting the kids ready to head back to school, I think I just might miss them :) Time does fly by when we are busy being together and having fun.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Been Awhile

Hi my bloggsters, yes its been awhile since I posted, I am down 42lbs, I am allowed to eat steamed veggies and melons and I would love to eat period. Unfortunately my jaw the Trigeminal neuralgia is making that difficult. I take tegretol for it but the Dr. thinks we may need to increase the dosage, he honestly feels this is stress induced and it will go away in a couple of months???? WHAT????? I can't bear one more second!! Well thank my Heavenly father for PERCOCET. I can eat when I take that I just need a bib cuz I drool everywhere J/K (LOL) Sorta anyway, We went to the farmers market last week nothing great since it was hot, we also went to the lake (Silverwood) the kids had a blast it was a wonderful Sunday and my parents came, it was so lovely until we were stuck on the launch ramp and the prop wouldn't go up. so we sat there for about oh I'd say 45 min to an hour. Finally we got home thanks to a borrowed tool box!And we will be going back this comming weekend, this is what memories are made of!!!! AMEN