Monday, July 13, 2009

Been Awhile

Hi my bloggsters, yes its been awhile since I posted, I am down 42lbs, I am allowed to eat steamed veggies and melons and I would love to eat period. Unfortunately my jaw the Trigeminal neuralgia is making that difficult. I take tegretol for it but the Dr. thinks we may need to increase the dosage, he honestly feels this is stress induced and it will go away in a couple of months???? WHAT????? I can't bear one more second!! Well thank my Heavenly father for PERCOCET. I can eat when I take that I just need a bib cuz I drool everywhere J/K (LOL) Sorta anyway, We went to the farmers market last week nothing great since it was hot, we also went to the lake (Silverwood) the kids had a blast it was a wonderful Sunday and my parents came, it was so lovely until we were stuck on the launch ramp and the prop wouldn't go up. so we sat there for about oh I'd say 45 min to an hour. Finally we got home thanks to a borrowed tool box!And we will be going back this comming weekend, this is what memories are made of!!!! AMEN


  1. Ugh, sounds like the pain is so not fun. Sounds like the doc doesn't know WHAT it is! Hope you feel lots better soon.

  2. Hi Laurie, It's been awhile for me too.. I'm trying to catch up on everyone and just caught up on your blog! Congrats on the weight loss so far.. you're doing wonderful! I really hope your jaw pain lets up soon!! Hugs!