Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomorrow......San Diego!

Hi friends, I am getting excited.. tomorrow is the day we head down to San Diego for my 4 Hr pre op, then or may be before we will check into our hotel. We are staying at the Hotel by the hospital called Somerset suites, they give a discount if you are having surgery(Anything to make a buck)But it is close and actually right behind the hospital. So My in-laws just got here from AZ and are here to watch the kids til mike comes back on Saturday(Ryan has a Dentist Appt he cant miss)But I think they are staying until Monday or Tuesday not sure yet? well This will be my last post until tomorrow. I still have so much to do....See how hard it is to get packed with a 3 y/o :) HA!! That's my excuse

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here I am

Hello all, last friday I got the call my surgery will be Friday May 29th, wow sooo soon, So I have actually been very busy preparing, making arangements and tring to get things all in order. Not easy since I have 3 kid who don't want me to go, In-laws comming from AZ yo take care of my kiddos and hubby having to get time off work. I have been spending a lot of time on and making some friends who are post and pre WLS. It's great everyone should check it out. So We are heading to San Diego on thursday morning, and plan on possibly spending the nigh for surgery the next day. I'm not sure what time surgery is, wont know that until thursday afternoon. Well wish me luck and I'll post more later.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Surgery is Scheduled!

Hello all my friends, I got the phone call today from Pacific Bariatric and my pre op is Thursday the 28th, and my surgery is Friday the 29th down in San Diego at Scripps Hospital. I am filled to the max with all different types of emotions and new questions. I also have a list of things I need to buy for home and the hospital. I have to find a good protein mix with at least 55g of protein, they said to try Pro complex, or something equivalent. I have to start my vitamins B1 and 12 and 1000 of vit C. So I guess I'm off to do a little bit of shopping, plus I have to pick up some prescriptions they called in for me.If any of you can remember that far back after surgery and what you used PLEASE...PLEASE let me know.

Hugs to all

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just spoke with my Lovely Options Program Coordinator and she assured me that while Dr. Tanaka has a Dry sense of humor he is a great surgeon. This does make me feel better and I am very blessed to have such a careing woman on my side to make sure that I and all my class mates get the best care possible. Janet even made a phone call to the Dr.s office to make sure I was being put on the schedule right away and when she called me back she told me... the Dr. went to them and said to schedule me rite away. So I had a bad experience, but I know that it wasn't personal. I have no doubt that he is a great Dr. Ummmm he just needs help in the people skills department.

My LOVELY Surgeon !?!

Ok where do I begin.. Well I saw my Surgeon at 10:00 am (DR. Tanaka)I was kind of nervous, but my Hubby was with me. The 93 mile drive helped calm my nerves cuz I was to busy telling my Hubby to SLOW DOWN :) Anyway, Dr. came right in and didn't say a word? Hummm.. must be reading my chart.. He looks up at me and still nothing... So I said Hi he looked back and said said HELLLO, just like that? My husband and I looked at each other puzzled. Then he said soo Your with Kaiser Program, I replied yes, and that They had sent me early because of my Gall Bladder issues.. (NOW get ready for this and try not to yell out the first bad words you think of) He Looks at me over his glasses and says... AM I Suppose to care????? I just about died and wanted to run out of the room, my husband looked at me like are you serious??? I was horrified and I couldn't believe what I just heard. So as he started to question me, I was still in shock and I answered another question and he replied, Should I care? I was like what the hell, so I said to him you know this is a big surgery and I think you should care because if you don't, we have a problem. Then my husband chimed in "Nice Bedside manner" The Dr. Just Ignored him and proceeded to examine me. I was and still am so shocked, I didn't know what to say or do and this was the man who was going to do my surgery? He finished by telling me the risks and what to expect and asked if I had any questions? Still in shock I asked a few about blood sugar, he answered and left. OK WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???? My Husband was like no way, are you serious, you better call the options nurse and straighten this out. I felt sick, Horrified and like I was just a piece of crap. Truly truly disappointed. I wanted to cry, but was so shocked I couldn't even speak or look at anyone as I walked out. My Hubby was very mad and was giving me the cell phone to call back home to talk to the options coordinator. So I called and She knew what I was gonna say before I even said it. I told her what happened and she said she had received many phone calls regarding this Dr. and that she can assure me its is just a case of Dry, Bad sense of humor, That he is an excellent surgeon and is just odd that way, what he thinks is funny some people don't and that he comes off as abrasive (YA THINK)But I had a choice she told me, to see it for what it was, poor sense of humor and not take it personally or be offended. I like to think I am the Bigger person and can get over a bad sense of humor, so I agreed with her that I wouldn't take it personally. So then we had 2 more appts with the internist and psychologist, but my day was pretty much ruined by the morning appt. I just wanted to go home! I try always to be the bigger person, (no pun intended),But I am just having such a hard time with this. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive? I don't know I guess I could ask for another Dr. and see what happens. I just feel majorly disappointed!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going to San Diego

Well my friends... We are off to San Diego. To see the Dr.s at Pacific Bariatric. I pray things go well and I just stop feeling afraid... I need that peace and calm to get me through this... the kind that only God can provide. I'll update when I get home :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hello my friends, I am posting on this beautiful Sunday God has given us. I feel peaceful and calm and ready to tackle the world!! OK BIG Lie. I was told on Friday that my surgery is being FASTRACKED because of my Gall Bladder. Soooo I'm Skipping my last 6 classes and moving into surgery prep mode. I got the Authorization # on Friday and I call on Monday to get my Pre op and surgery date! (YIKES)I feel excited, terrified and all the sudden I have a bazillion more questions than before! I do have a peace about the surgery though, if that makes sense? So It looks like surgery may be next week I think. I will know Monday afternoon and I'll post then all the details!!I have also decided to blog the entire process of my preop, surgery and the recovery period, just to help any preWLSers. I found a blog like that and it was Awesome!! So I will do the same. I haven't been eating much, but its OK. I think I've been taking in around 700 calories give or take. Soooo wish me luck and I'll post soon!!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So much to say!!!

Hi my Bloggie Buddies, Where do I begin? Well losing weight has been easy with my Gall Bladder issue, not hungry, nauseated and stomach pains, so cool, (I Guess) Now my 3 y/o is sick with a fever of 103.1 since last night and we didn't sleep much. Unfortunately I'm unable to exercises at this point, I tried to do my treadmill but the walking made my side pain worse... so I didn't complete my 30 day challenge(BUMMER) I think I will try again though when it is not hurting and see how that goes(MAYBE). I am a little curious... When you have the RNY and they remove your Gall Bladder is the recovery time longer? Are you more SORE? UgHHh I have so many questions that I need answered besides that, I also heard that you lose Hair during the weight loss? I'm feeling confused and I definitely don't like it. It seems you all have had good experiences and no problems.. If you have had any can you share with me(if you feel comfortable.. Of course)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Question of the day???

Hello Friends, Hope everyone had a Wonderful Mothers Day!!! Now I always try to ask at least 1-2 questions per week to gage and enhance my knowledge. Since my surgery is being moved up due to my Gall Stone...I feel a welling up of fear and a bazillion questions burning a hole in my brain. So help me out here, I know the medical and technical side for the most part but, I want to here from you who did it and got through it! Sooo y question is......Were you afraid or totally calm when it came to your surgery(RNY or Lap)? How and what did you use to get your fears (If Any)resolved? Please let me know, I'm very curious about the coping mechanisms you may have used. Thanks for your input :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Guess What?

Hello all my bloggie friends, I went and had my ultrasound today and GUESS WHAT??? I have 1 stone in my Gall Bladder. Hard to believe that 1 little calcified rock can cause such massive pain. I have to have another test done called a HIDA scan done and they inject you with RADIOACTVE Iodine(WATCH OUT SPIDERMAN)not my idea of fun. So I called my RN at the options program and she said that they will have to do my surgery right away (THE BYPASS)because they remove, if you need it, your Gall Bladder at the same time. I thought she ment to have my Gall bladder surgery right away, not the bypass. I still have 6 classes left. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I planned on my surgery being in july(late july). So we will see what develops over the next week or so. I'm still having pain constant consistant right upper quadrant pain, but my surgeon (DR.FORMICHELLA... friend)is giving me some pain meds and prilosec to try until, I guess until I have a surgery :)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here we go

Ok my bloggie friends, I went to the Dr. today and i have lost 4lbs this week. Thats the Good News... It appears that losing weight, eating right after eating like crap for several years... and a crabby Gall bladder don't mix. I have had this pain for about 3 weeks off and on and now yesterday and today It has been constant :( Just a pinching squeezing bloated right side near my ribs. long story short.. The surgeon I worked with for many years at kaiser is a very good friend who just in february fixed my umbilical hernia, thinks I may need my Gall Bladder removed, even as early as tomorrow. I have a STAT ultrasound in the morning first thing, If I can make it through the night with this AWFUL PAIN. So Say a prayer and wish me luck. Im not sure what to hope for gall stones or just a very bad pain in my right side? You all are great and are becoming the back bone for me on my journey to WLS and possibly a Gall Bladder removal (UUGGHHH)


Finally!! WOOOO WHOOOOO :)

Good morning all my inspirational bloggies, I am so happy! this morning I weighed in and I went down a few more pounds. I felt like I was just going nowhere, but you all kept telling me that it would come off and start losing again, and I have(YIPEE)I have been working so hard and feel like I have made progress and taken a few steps forward.Tell me this why is it sooo easy to gain weight but losing it is so dang hard, just down right painfully hard. I gained weight rapidly due to my Blood Sugar. I gained 60 lbs in a 5 month period, Now that my Blood Sugar is stable I thought that the weight might fall off just as quickly (NOT)! Lets just say I am completely satisfied with my progress as of today, but tomorrow I might feel different(I'm a Scale addict) I know... I know... you should weigh yourself 1 time a week but I'm to impatient for that, I want to know my progress even if it fluctuates daily.(I need to stop this habit no doubt!)But as I said I'm Happy today!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hello all, I am feeling better today, and yes I did do my treadmill yesterday(despite feeling like crap) Sometimes I feel like being health is going to knock me out! I think my body is in shock that I have keep eating healthy and have changed my lifestyle. When usually it's just a short lived whaky new diet(LOL)I(my body) just need to get over the fact that I am choosing a healthier lifestyle if my body doesnt like it it can just leave!!! (if only it were that simple)So my weight is going down just very slow, it is fighting me every step of the way, but I'm determined to do it and be a new me!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 3 and 4 of 30 Day Challenge

Hello all, I hope all of us are doing well on our 30 day challenge! On day 3 and 4 I did my treadmill as usual but on day 3 my MP3 player decided to take a dump :( Sooo I realized that without my music it is a veeerrry Looonng 25 minutes. My eating has been excellent (if I do say so myself.) We went to Trader Joes and bought, Whole wheat mini and regular Pita bread(yummy), fresh salads, and fruit, Almond butter and a whole bunch of healthy stuff. While I don't normally shop there, it was an experience and I will go back for certain things, like Pita chips. I drink a High Protein shake per my Kaiser Program and its not bad once you add the Banana. This coming weekend we are planting our own veggie garden(Eggplant, Cucumbers, Squash, Leeks, Green Onions, Green Beans, Garlic and Red Bell Peppers)Plus I have my window planter filled with Herbs. I LOVE COOKING HEALTHY! But I must admit I have been feeling hungry the last 2 days, not sure why?I seem to still be stuck or on a plateau at the moment, and its really making me mad! I have been working harder the last 2 weeks then ever before and Nothin, Nada, Zilch. At least as of today, I am perplexed. we have to lose the 10% the Dr. wants and I'm about 16 lbs away from that(UGH) well I'll keep at it somethings gotta give :) Keep up the good work and enjoy the challenge!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

On my mind..." SKIN"

Her is something that is on my mind.... After all the weight loss since it is rapid(mostly)what happens to your skin? Have you heard this expression... Butt in the front and Boobs in the back? well does it just hang there or does it shrink with exercise? Will I have a stomach that hangs to my knees? The thought bothers me. Hey I lost 120lbs but I'm still caring around all my flabby skin, I can't afford plastic surgery(FOR SURE) but the though of my skin sagging is just as embarrassing as being OBESE. What are your thoughts and what have you done about this or have had too? I know genetics play a roll, but I'm the only Abundant person in my family! So my blogger friends male or female let me know!