Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here we go

Ok my bloggie friends, I went to the Dr. today and i have lost 4lbs this week. Thats the Good News... It appears that losing weight, eating right after eating like crap for several years... and a crabby Gall bladder don't mix. I have had this pain for about 3 weeks off and on and now yesterday and today It has been constant :( Just a pinching squeezing bloated right side near my ribs. long story short.. The surgeon I worked with for many years at kaiser is a very good friend who just in february fixed my umbilical hernia, thinks I may need my Gall Bladder removed, even as early as tomorrow. I have a STAT ultrasound in the morning first thing, If I can make it through the night with this AWFUL PAIN. So Say a prayer and wish me luck. Im not sure what to hope for gall stones or just a very bad pain in my right side? You all are great and are becoming the back bone for me on my journey to WLS and possibly a Gall Bladder removal (UUGGHHH)


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