Thursday, May 21, 2009

My LOVELY Surgeon !?!

Ok where do I begin.. Well I saw my Surgeon at 10:00 am (DR. Tanaka)I was kind of nervous, but my Hubby was with me. The 93 mile drive helped calm my nerves cuz I was to busy telling my Hubby to SLOW DOWN :) Anyway, Dr. came right in and didn't say a word? Hummm.. must be reading my chart.. He looks up at me and still nothing... So I said Hi he looked back and said said HELLLO, just like that? My husband and I looked at each other puzzled. Then he said soo Your with Kaiser Program, I replied yes, and that They had sent me early because of my Gall Bladder issues.. (NOW get ready for this and try not to yell out the first bad words you think of) He Looks at me over his glasses and says... AM I Suppose to care????? I just about died and wanted to run out of the room, my husband looked at me like are you serious??? I was horrified and I couldn't believe what I just heard. So as he started to question me, I was still in shock and I answered another question and he replied, Should I care? I was like what the hell, so I said to him you know this is a big surgery and I think you should care because if you don't, we have a problem. Then my husband chimed in "Nice Bedside manner" The Dr. Just Ignored him and proceeded to examine me. I was and still am so shocked, I didn't know what to say or do and this was the man who was going to do my surgery? He finished by telling me the risks and what to expect and asked if I had any questions? Still in shock I asked a few about blood sugar, he answered and left. OK WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???? My Husband was like no way, are you serious, you better call the options nurse and straighten this out. I felt sick, Horrified and like I was just a piece of crap. Truly truly disappointed. I wanted to cry, but was so shocked I couldn't even speak or look at anyone as I walked out. My Hubby was very mad and was giving me the cell phone to call back home to talk to the options coordinator. So I called and She knew what I was gonna say before I even said it. I told her what happened and she said she had received many phone calls regarding this Dr. and that she can assure me its is just a case of Dry, Bad sense of humor, That he is an excellent surgeon and is just odd that way, what he thinks is funny some people don't and that he comes off as abrasive (YA THINK)But I had a choice she told me, to see it for what it was, poor sense of humor and not take it personally or be offended. I like to think I am the Bigger person and can get over a bad sense of humor, so I agreed with her that I wouldn't take it personally. So then we had 2 more appts with the internist and psychologist, but my day was pretty much ruined by the morning appt. I just wanted to go home! I try always to be the bigger person, (no pun intended),But I am just having such a hard time with this. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive? I don't know I guess I could ask for another Dr. and see what happens. I just feel majorly disappointed!!

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  1. HOLD ON! BIG red flags... I think that you might look into other surgeons - because yes, you can over look it and be the bigger person - but do you want to?

    This is the man that is going to be linked to you for the rest of your life because of this surgery... at the very least it should be someone you are comfortable with. I mean think about what's going to happen after surgery. You're going to have questions - is HE the one you want to be asking? Oh, I beg you to really do some soul searching... I in the end don't like my surgeon, but everytime something comes up - they call him...