Friday, May 1, 2009

On my mind..." SKIN"

Her is something that is on my mind.... After all the weight loss since it is rapid(mostly)what happens to your skin? Have you heard this expression... Butt in the front and Boobs in the back? well does it just hang there or does it shrink with exercise? Will I have a stomach that hangs to my knees? The thought bothers me. Hey I lost 120lbs but I'm still caring around all my flabby skin, I can't afford plastic surgery(FOR SURE) but the though of my skin sagging is just as embarrassing as being OBESE. What are your thoughts and what have you done about this or have had too? I know genetics play a roll, but I'm the only Abundant person in my family! So my blogger friends male or female let me know!



  1. I'll be honest... some of it will shrink, but some of it won't. Laurie asked our PCP about this once, and he said that the things that you hate before surgery - will be the same after surgery... they'll look different, but you're still not going to like them. For me... my worst areas are my arms, and my thighs... so it's not too hard to disguise them.

    I was at one time told that drinking lots of water, and toning might help.

  2. Yep, that's what our PCP said! Also - note the areas where you have stretch marks. Those are the places where your skin is damaged, and you will likely not bounce back to how you were before. Also, did you gain weight rapidly? If it was a slow gain through your life, it may not be as bad b/c of the lack of said stretch marks.
    Trust me though - clothing does wonders, and you will be SO much happier sans fat... And, equally important.. HEALTHIER!!