Friday, May 8, 2009

Guess What?

Hello all my bloggie friends, I went and had my ultrasound today and GUESS WHAT??? I have 1 stone in my Gall Bladder. Hard to believe that 1 little calcified rock can cause such massive pain. I have to have another test done called a HIDA scan done and they inject you with RADIOACTVE Iodine(WATCH OUT SPIDERMAN)not my idea of fun. So I called my RN at the options program and she said that they will have to do my surgery right away (THE BYPASS)because they remove, if you need it, your Gall Bladder at the same time. I thought she ment to have my Gall bladder surgery right away, not the bypass. I still have 6 classes left. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I planned on my surgery being in july(late july). So we will see what develops over the next week or so. I'm still having pain constant consistant right upper quadrant pain, but my surgeon (DR.FORMICHELLA... friend)is giving me some pain meds and prilosec to try until, I guess until I have a surgery :)



  1. Which surgery are you having?

  2. I'm envious of those of you whose surgeons remove your gallbladder during wls. EVERY SURGEON should do this.

    I just so happened to blog (tonight) about my mom's trouble with her gallbladder following gastric bypass. Her symptoms didn't show up until 20 years later, but were very problematic to say the least.

    I'll be thinking of you, and checking back. Cool blog!

  3. Thanks Girls, Juliet I'm having the RNY at Scripps Hospital in San Diego, my insurance uses them. It's far but They have a wonderful, outstanding Hospital and procedure record.

    I read about you mom earlier and it totally freaked me out, and thank God she is well. I just want to make sure they get all the stones if there are more! like in the Common Bile Duct.

    This will push my WLS up by almost 2 months! kinda excited kinda scared. We will see what happens, since I still have Pain :(


  4. Oh girl... have you had the HIDA scan yet? Just be prepared... that for me was like child birth (okay - I really don't know what that is like... but it hurt) for the entire time laying on that table...

    That being said though - my problem wasn't a stone... but my gallbladder stopped working so forcing it to contract was pain like no other I've experienced.