Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hello my friends, I am posting on this beautiful Sunday God has given us. I feel peaceful and calm and ready to tackle the world!! OK BIG Lie. I was told on Friday that my surgery is being FASTRACKED because of my Gall Bladder. Soooo I'm Skipping my last 6 classes and moving into surgery prep mode. I got the Authorization # on Friday and I call on Monday to get my Pre op and surgery date! (YIKES)I feel excited, terrified and all the sudden I have a bazillion more questions than before! I do have a peace about the surgery though, if that makes sense? So It looks like surgery may be next week I think. I will know Monday afternoon and I'll post then all the details!!I have also decided to blog the entire process of my preop, surgery and the recovery period, just to help any preWLSers. I found a blog like that and it was Awesome!! So I will do the same. I haven't been eating much, but its OK. I think I've been taking in around 700 calories give or take. Soooo wish me luck and I'll post soon!!!



  1. I'm so excited for you! I blogged like that too - which it was back in November of 2007 - so it's probably hard to find. It is amazing to go back and read that stuff though!

  2. Oooh awesome.. so did you find out your date yet?
    I wish I had been more bloggy earlier in my progress.. it would be nice to go back and read!

  3. No date yet by my Options nurse feel since my Gall Bladder is so bad that they may just admit me tomorrow and take it from there, I feel such a wide range of emotions, I dont know which to address first!