Friday, May 22, 2009

Surgery is Scheduled!

Hello all my friends, I got the phone call today from Pacific Bariatric and my pre op is Thursday the 28th, and my surgery is Friday the 29th down in San Diego at Scripps Hospital. I am filled to the max with all different types of emotions and new questions. I also have a list of things I need to buy for home and the hospital. I have to find a good protein mix with at least 55g of protein, they said to try Pro complex, or something equivalent. I have to start my vitamins B1 and 12 and 1000 of vit C. So I guess I'm off to do a little bit of shopping, plus I have to pick up some prescriptions they called in for me.If any of you can remember that far back after surgery and what you used PLEASE...PLEASE let me know.

Hugs to all

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  1. I use Twin Lab vitamins as much as possible - I take their sublingual vitamin B12 and sublingual vitamin d3+k... (sublingual = disolves under tounge)

    I used Isopure shakes in my recovery - they have 50 g protein per shake, but remember that it'll take you most of the day to get through a shake... I could only take in 1/4 cup at a time for weeks. The other thing I had to do was make them the night before so that the foam would settle - that helped me a lot.

    Email me sometime this week - I've got lots of other tidbits that I can share with you to make it a little better.