Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 minutes for 30 Days Challenge

Hello friends, I decided to jump on board a 30 day challenge from another blogger(hope I'm not intruding)and this is day 2, I did my 22 min treadmill and 10 min toning/stretching(not bad). I always feel good when I exercises....So why does it take soooo much motivation to get going? I know I need to build it into a routine and just stick with it, I MUST find time between cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving kids here and there, chasing my 3 y/o around, reading my Bible, Potty training and spending quality time with the kids and Hubby:) I'm sure I left something out....OH yeah time for me(LOL) I truly enjoy doing the treadmill, I put my ear buds in and start my music(praise and worship)and I am in my own world and could just stay there! (My HAPPY place)could actually be on a treadmill. So back to the challenge, I think it is good because I feel like if I get it in everyday, In 30 days it will be part of a routine. I like to do things at the same time everyday(I have a High Function Autistic Son)so things at a specific time get done period, almost like I have autism now actually the whole family. Dinner is always at the same time usually + or - 30 mins and so on you get the picture, so I just need to find a time and no matter what stick to that time, that get health, lose weight, burn fat, just me alone time!! What works for you guys? Let me know I'm a blank slate and your Ideas fill the pages, so send it all my way.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday Meeting Night

On Mondays I have my Options Class through Kaiser and in the beginning I didn't want to have to take these classes... I just wanted to get the surgery over and done with. Well now at least for me.. The classes have been very valuable, even if I dislike weighing in LOL.Though I did lose 1 pound(yipee.) We were learning last night about what emotion or emotions is food taking the place of? Many of my class mates said they just love food, end of story! Well I like food.. but I do use it too. When I feel Stress, Bored, Angry, Sad, and always as a reward or a celebration. Thought this journey has been slow at times it seems I know that Quitting things COLD TURKEY, not my style. I have slowly very slowly replaced my BAD behaviors with a Healthier lifestyle. The transition is slow and that way I know it will stick. Even though we still have our "Triggers" I at this point do handle them better. I am just wondering about all the vitamins and supplements post surgery. Is it easy to get into the routine of taking them daily for the rest of your life, Do any of you struggle with this. I find this is another thing that brings me concern. I forget to take my ONE A DAY as it is!!

Let me know how you do it :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Hello all. I decided today to use Lyn or Kim's chicken soup recipe for our Sunday dinner, its a little cool today, low 60's and it just sounded soooo good. I love finding healthy, low calorie and low fat meals. Today we went grocery shopping and let me tell you, the healthier I get the bigger my grocery bill gets. NO JOKE :( My husband almost needed CPR for the 213.25 bill(YIKES) Why is Good, Wholesome, Health, Fresh food so darn expensive? Hey but I can buy 2 boxes of 8 Twinkies each for $5.00? No wonder I am so large, I was saving on grocery money (Ahem)J/K But seriously, I need to Find some sites that are Healthy meals and tried recipes, nothings worse than trying a new meal and it's horrible. So If ya'll know of any good sites or recipes let me know :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Question and The Real Me

Hello all, I have a question? I have two blog spots and I thought 2 different site meters but the are getting the same hits? Any Ideas how to separate? Well anyway... as I was looking at my other blog I realized that I am never in any pictures, I am behind the camera. I know I do this on purpose due to my "Over Abundantness"(that's what I like to call it, sounds nicer :])Anywho...I know I need to face my first issue of being photographed so I can place the picture on my blog. I need to have a before picture and see myself(cringing at the thought)and so you can see me...the real me. The real me that has kept me from really having a real social life, the real me that is embarrassed of my appearance,the real me that dresses mostly in dark colors PRAYING to hide a few inches or pounds, the real me who tries not to think people are staring at me(Paranoid, like I'm that important)The real me that feels I have failed and disappointed myself and finally the real me that needs surgery to lose weight. This is only 1/2 of what I feel on a daily basis. No I'm not depressed... I'm just well...MORBIDLY OBESE!(I don't like that word) Now... Hows that for therapy :)

Rough week!

This week has been rough, My class has us on a 900 calorie diet and I do ok (most of the time) But... this week, I was weak. I find myself less hungary but I crave sweets lately, and I indulge? Why you might ask? I'm not sure. I am not trying to sabatoge my progress or lack thereof. I have been stuck, plateau mounted and I have been to the Dr. twice and no reasons or explanations. I have swelling in my ankles and hands, the Dr.s won't give me any antidieretics to help so I'm puffy as well. I try but with little victory and it its getting to me. I feel frustraited and mad and disappointed in myself. I don't want to fail, I'm just stuck. Have any of you post or even pre WLSers experienced this and if so... How did you get over this hurdle? Let me know advice is very much needed!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

met⋅a⋅mor⋅pho⋅sis    [met-uh-mawr-fuh-sis]

Any one of these could be the definition of our transition and journey to WLS and beyond!.

–noun, plural
1. A profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. Compare complete metamorphosis.

2. any complete change in appearance, character, circumstances, etc.
3. a form resulting from any such change.