Friday, April 24, 2009

Rough week!

This week has been rough, My class has us on a 900 calorie diet and I do ok (most of the time) But... this week, I was weak. I find myself less hungary but I crave sweets lately, and I indulge? Why you might ask? I'm not sure. I am not trying to sabatoge my progress or lack thereof. I have been stuck, plateau mounted and I have been to the Dr. twice and no reasons or explanations. I have swelling in my ankles and hands, the Dr.s won't give me any antidieretics to help so I'm puffy as well. I try but with little victory and it its getting to me. I feel frustraited and mad and disappointed in myself. I don't want to fail, I'm just stuck. Have any of you post or even pre WLSers experienced this and if so... How did you get over this hurdle? Let me know advice is very much needed!!


  1. Oh boy! I'm the queen of the plateau... hang in there and keep doing what you know is best... eventually it will break through. I know it's hard... I was on a 7 month plateau for a while!

  2. Thanks Kim, I just feel like if this is pre WLS non weightloss then how can I get to the 10% my insurance requires you to lose? Thanks for your input and inspiration!!


  3. Plateaus are quite frustrating, and quite common! Just keep it up, and you'll bust through. Up the intake on water if you're bad with water... that always worked for me! :)