Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 minutes for 30 Days Challenge

Hello friends, I decided to jump on board a 30 day challenge from another blogger(hope I'm not intruding)and this is day 2, I did my 22 min treadmill and 10 min toning/stretching(not bad). I always feel good when I exercises....So why does it take soooo much motivation to get going? I know I need to build it into a routine and just stick with it, I MUST find time between cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving kids here and there, chasing my 3 y/o around, reading my Bible, Potty training and spending quality time with the kids and Hubby:) I'm sure I left something out....OH yeah time for me(LOL) I truly enjoy doing the treadmill, I put my ear buds in and start my music(praise and worship)and I am in my own world and could just stay there! (My HAPPY place)could actually be on a treadmill. So back to the challenge, I think it is good because I feel like if I get it in everyday, In 30 days it will be part of a routine. I like to do things at the same time everyday(I have a High Function Autistic Son)so things at a specific time get done period, almost like I have autism now actually the whole family. Dinner is always at the same time usually + or - 30 mins and so on you get the picture, so I just need to find a time and no matter what stick to that time, that get health, lose weight, burn fat, just me alone time!! What works for you guys? Let me know I'm a blank slate and your Ideas fill the pages, so send it all my way.



  1. You are in no way intruding... the more the merrier, and the more doing it, the more support we get, right? Congrats on jumping in!
    Thinking of your treadmill as your happy place is a great idea. It is hard to get going, but that's the hardest part. You will soon look forward to it. It does take time.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You know it's funny - even when I am being consistent with my workouts - and I am totally feeling the extra energy and things that come from being good to my body. It STILL sometimes it a battle to get on that treadmill!

  3. I am the same way, I hate the thought of exercise, but when I start and when i'm done, I absolutely love the 'high' that I feel!