Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday Meeting Night

On Mondays I have my Options Class through Kaiser and in the beginning I didn't want to have to take these classes... I just wanted to get the surgery over and done with. Well now at least for me.. The classes have been very valuable, even if I dislike weighing in LOL.Though I did lose 1 pound(yipee.) We were learning last night about what emotion or emotions is food taking the place of? Many of my class mates said they just love food, end of story! Well I like food.. but I do use it too. When I feel Stress, Bored, Angry, Sad, and always as a reward or a celebration. Thought this journey has been slow at times it seems I know that Quitting things COLD TURKEY, not my style. I have slowly very slowly replaced my BAD behaviors with a Healthier lifestyle. The transition is slow and that way I know it will stick. Even though we still have our "Triggers" I at this point do handle them better. I am just wondering about all the vitamins and supplements post surgery. Is it easy to get into the routine of taking them daily for the rest of your life, Do any of you struggle with this. I find this is another thing that brings me concern. I forget to take my ONE A DAY as it is!!

Let me know how you do it :)


  1. I haven't had much of a struggle with my vitamins b/c I have a routine. I have my bottles at work, and I take one when I get to work, and when I have lunch. I take an iron supplement when I get home (it's by my bathroom sink). I take a calcium in the morning and before bed, and it's on my nightstand. :) I have had GREAT labwork, and my doctor said to keep up with whatever I'm doing.

  2. I struggled a lot at first, but have gotten into a routine with it - you just have to put them somewhere that you won't miss them... and make a point to take them.