Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Special Day on my Journey

Today was a good day, I wasn't really hungry today to I ate the bare minimum. I have to say things are going very smooth so far, Yes I have had foamies and yes it is very disgusting. I do have a hard time getting all the fluids in but, Protein is not a problem. I was asked by my options class psychologist if I would like to speak to any of the new options classes since I have now graduated and I already had my surgery...she feels I would have a lot of info that could be of interest to many of class participants. I think I would love that, because after surgery you are on your own, there is no one there holding your hand and face it you can only call the Surgeon so many times in one day. I was Blessed to find many many wonderful resources and on and off line support groups and forums. It truly is a unique journey for each and every individual. If I can make it easier for one person to get through the rough stage (the first few weeks to a month) I will feel like my efforts post surgery and many online hours were not in vain, plus I love to talk about something I'm so passionate about. I feel so blessed!


  1. Well I sure will be glad to help anyone who is willing to listen.