Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning something new everyday

Hi my bloggie buddies, I have been learning so much about WLS, Diet, Exercises, Emotions and a lot about myself since surgery. It seems that this is an evolving journey...that I never really could comprehend. I know in our 6 month classes they talk about all the changes and lifestyle and BLAH BLAH BLAH, well it was the Blah Blah Blah we need to pay attention to. I didn't realize the emotions, moods and feelings could be so contrast, I am so eager and impatient to do things healthy, but am held back my early post surgery diet(frustrating). At the same time I am losing weight I only dreamed about just a few months ago. This is a never ending roller coaster it seams filled with so many highs so far and yes some lows but... in the end I realize that this IS the journey to the new and healthier me..........This is my METAMORPHOSIS.

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  1. Try to focus on one day at a time... it seems so trivial, but it will help you. It's hard to not want to be 10 steps ahead, but remember that this RIGHT NOW is the fast part - you will lose a lot of weight on that early recovery plan... and you don't know it now, but believe me - there will come a day when the choices out there are so vast that it is extremely scary figuring out what to eat and when.