Monday, June 29, 2009

Farewell to my Stache.........

OK today I decided to pamper myself a little and get a manicure. Then the nice ladies talked me into getting my eybrows waxed and that stinking hurt like heck....but not as bad as when she asked me if I wanted my upper lip done? I was like HUH? I know I have some peach fuzz there but she was looking at me like I had a full mustache! AHH. So as I tried to play it cool and was like well do you think I really need it? she was like um YEAH its black??? OMGosh I wanted to die. So I told her in defeat OK fine. You know what that hurt so much my eyes watered like I was crying. So even though my eyebrows look nice and I have nice nails... I think I miss my Stache!!! (LOL)
Sarah got her nails painted and she was any preteen would be in a Salon. I'm surprised they didn't want to wax her legs!!!!
not hungry much today felling Blah... my labs came back perfecto!!! A little lower on all accounts but my Cholesterol was like Amazing!!!
Yipee for WLS!!!and Dr. Tanaka!!

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